Seychelles Sustainable Development Strategy

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Goals and Objectives of the thematic area for the plan period are:


Goal 1: Institutionalise the integration of economic and environmental concerns

Objective 1.1: To have the capacity to undertake and use economic valuation of biodiversity.
Objective 1.2: To have the capacity to provide decision-makers with information regarding economic impact of environmental conservation and degradation.

Objective 1.3: To introduce valuation into the Environment Protection Act.


Goal 2: Sustainable financing of waste management

Objective 2.1: To minimise non-biodegradable waste.

Objective 2.2: To create a self-sustaining system of waste management.


Goal 3: Sustainable financing of biodiversity conservation in Seychelles

Objective 3.1: To tap into resources available internationally for NGOs.

Objective 3.2: To build financial mechanisms into all biodiversity programmes/projects.

Objective 3.3: To plough revenue generated through biodiversity back into conservation.

Objective 3.4: To place biodiversity conservation among the top priorities in the decision-making process.

Objective 3.5: To make available adequate financial resources for the management of protected areas.